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A curated list of live coding languages and tools

This list was created with the intention of giving a quick-glance over the many possibilities to engage in this practice. For further information, head over to TOPLAP.


What is live coding

Quoting Wikipedia

Live coding (sometimes referred to as 'on-the-fly programming', 'just in time programming' and 'conversational programming') is a performing arts form and a creativity technique centred upon the writing of source code and the use of interactive programming in an improvised way.


  • TOPLAP - The home of Live Coding.


(In Alphabetical Order)

  • afterglow - A live-coding lighting controller, building on the Open Lighting Architecture with Clojure and bits of Overtone.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux lisp FLOSS audio

  • Alda - A music programming language for musicians.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux FLOSS audio

  • Atomiix - A re-implementation and re-invigoration of ixi lang.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux JavaScript FLOSS SuperCollider audio

  • ChucK - Strongly-timed, Concurrent, and On-the-fly Music Programming Language.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux FLOSS audio

  • clive - Live-coding audio in C.

    GNU/Linux C FLOSS audio

  • Conductive - A set of Haskell libraries for livecoding and real-time music applications.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux haskell SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • Cyril - A programming language designed for fast prototyping of visualisations and livecoding visuals.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux openFrameworks FLOSS visuals

  • Extempore - (Previously Impromptu) A programming language and runtime environment designed to support 'cyberphysical programming'.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux lisp FLOSS audio

  • Fluxus - A rapid prototyping, playing and learning environment for 3D graphics, sound and games.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux | Android | PS2 racket-lang lisp FLOSS visuals

  • FoxDot - Live Coding with Python and SuperCollider.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux Python SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • Gibber - Creative coding for JavaScript.

    Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox web JavaScript FLOSS audio visuals

  • Improviz - An environment for using and abusing primitive shapes and animated textures.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux Haskell FLOSS visuals

  • ixi lang - An experimental project concerned with the creation of digital musical instruments and environments for generative music.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux FLOSS SuperCollider audio

  • i-score - An interactive sequencer that allows live programming of OSC-enabled applications, through a visual language and JavaScript scripting.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux C++ FLOSS audio

  • Krill - Tidal cycle like live coding in NodeJS / Browser.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux NodeJS Browser FLOSS midi

  • LiveCodeLab - A web-based language and environment for VJs, musicians and graphic artists. Allows for immediate and engaging run-as-you-type prototyping, also used in education.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux web FLOSS visuals audio

  • Max - A visual programming language for media.

    Windows | macOS graphical-language Commercial audio visuals

  • Moonlet - Lua live coding.

    Windows | GNU/Linux FLOSS audio

  • Motifn - Code music in Javascript that plays in your DAW or browser

    Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox web JavaScript MIDI audio WebAudio

  • mutate4l - Live coding integrated into Ableton Live's session view.

    Windows | macOS Max for Live C# FLOSS audio

  • Negasonic - Live coding in the browser with Ruby.

    Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox web Ruby FLOSS audio

  • ORCΛ - An esoteric live coding environment with two-dimensional syntax.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux audio FLOSS

  • Overtone - An open source audio environment designed to explore new musical ideas from synthesis and sampling to instrument building, live-coding and collaborative jamming.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux SuperCollider lisp FLOSS audio FLOSS

  • PraxisLive - Hybrid visual IDE for live creative coding.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux Java Processing GLSL graphical-language FLOSS visuals audio

  • Pure Data - An open source visual programming language that can be used to process and generate sound, video, 2D/3D graphics, and interface sensors, input devices, and MIDI.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux graphical-language FLOSS audio visuals

  • re<urse - A language for generating musical patterns.

    abandoned Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux TypeScript FLOSS audio

  • - A set of tools to build a SequenceableCollection of Events.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • serialist - A live coding environment that generates MIDI messages.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux JavaScript FLOSS audio

  • Skoar - A high-level language for coding music with SuperCollider.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux SuperCollider Python FLOSS audio

  • Sonic Pi - The Live Coding music synth for everyone.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux Ruby SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • Speccy - Live code 8-bit algorave in ClojureScript.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux web FLOSS audio lisp

  • Steno - Concatenative little metalanguage for live coding.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • SuperCollider - A platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux FLOSS audio

  • synth-x - An experimental live coding environment for making music created with modern web technologies.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux JavaScript nodejs audio

  • TidalCycles - Is a language for Live Coding pattern.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linxux Haskell SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • TimeLines - A modular synthesizer for live coding the flow of time.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux FLOSS Haskell SuperCollider audio

  • Tinalla - Framework Regex based for language parsing written in javascript.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux FLOSS Javascript SuperCollider audio

  • Vivid - Haskell synth live coding.

    Haskell SuperCollider FLOSS audio

  • Vuo - A realtime visual programming language for interactive media.

    macOS visual-language FLOSS | Commercial visuals

  • vvvv - A hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.

    Windows visual-language Freeware | Commercial visuals

  • Wulfcode - A Midi live-coding environment for performance or composition.

    macOS | Windows* | GNU/Linux* FLOSS audio

  • wide - Multi-instrumental, polyphonic, "DSLish" API for live coding music in C++.

    macOS | Windows | GNU/Linux FLOSS audio

  • xi - A domain-specific language for Live Coding musical patterns in Ruby.

    Windows | macOS | GNU/Linux Ruby SuperCollider FLOSS audio

Libraries and tools

(Also in Alphabetical Order)

  • Arcadia - Live coding Clojure in Unity3D.
  • blink - A library which allows you to edit source code of any Windows C++ project live at runtime.
  • Bonzomatic - GLSL and HLSL live coding environment, originally designed for live coding competitions at demoparties.
  • CHmUsiCK - Library to make ChucK a 'more algorave like' language.
  • cl-collider - A SuperCollider client for CommonLisp.
  • dafxpipe - Software for live coding audio effects and synths.
  • disclojure - A live coding environment for Overtone and Leipzig.
  • EspGrid - Synchronization and sharing for network music.
  • Extramuros - Language-neutral shared-buffer networked live coding system.
  • Fragment - Collaborative live GLSL coding environment, additive/spectral/granular synthesizer.
  • The Force - WebGL live coding performance IDE.
  • Gibberwocky - Use Gibber inside Max/MSP and Max4Live.
  • Gideros - Lua 2D game engine with live coding capabilities.
  • glslViewer - Live GLSL coding render for macOS and Linux.
  • hsc3 - A Haskell SuperCollider client.
  • hydra - Live Coding networked visuals in the browser.
  • HYLOGEN - An embedding of GLSL in Haskell.
  • incudine - Music/DSP programming environment for Common Lisp.
  • isobar - A Python library for algorithmic composition by expressing and constructing musical patterns.
  • jet-live - A library which implements c++ hot code reload approach for Linux and macOS.
  • KodeLife - Real-time GPU shader editor, live-code performance tool and graphics prototyping sketchpad.
  • LiCK - Library for ChucK, provides intervals, chords, scales, arpeggiators, patterns, effects, etc.
  • LiveCore - Library for live coding inside Reaktor Core.
  • LÖVELive 💕 - Live coding framework for LÖVE(2D Game Engine).
  • Lua2SC - Lua client for superCollider scsynth and supernova.
  • Motifn - Code music in Javascript that plays in your DAW or browser
  • Petal - A small language on Sonic Pi with similar syntax to TidalCycles.
  • pytebeat - A piece of software for doing livecoding bytebeat performances.
  • P5LIVE - p5.js collaborative live-coding vj environment!
  • p5-live - Live Coding for p5.js.
  • REPL Mode - This mode adds in a Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop console to Processing 3.0.
  • Republic - SuperCollider library for conversational coding.
  • Ronin - LISP repl for graphics livecoding.
  • s2hs2 - An interface between TidalCycles and Processing.
  • Siren - A tracker interface that embodies abstractions where programming is realized as the medium for pattern sequencing in a modular fashion.
  • sonic-pixels - Interactive lighting effects for Sonic Pi.
  • SpectralTricks - A haskell package adding spectral effects to Tidal.
  • Supriya - A Python API for SuperCollider.
  • tidal-autocode - Auto-generates patterns for TidalCycles (requires Atom editor).
  • tidal-chord - An add-on to the amazing live coding project TidalCycles.
  • TidalFX - A haskell package adding weirder effects to Tidal from non-standard UGens.
  • tidal-maxmsp - Connecting the Tidal live coding environment to MaxMSP.
  • TidalUnity - An interface between TidalCycles and Unity 3D.
  • Tidal-Unity - TidalCycles meets Unity 3D.
  • tida1vm - Another TidalCycles environment inside Docker.
  • tidebox - TidalCycles live coding environment inside a Docker container.
  • Troop - Real-time collaborative live coding with FoxDot.
  • VEDA - Real-time GLSL editor for Atom.
  • WavTexture - A Unity example showing how to bake a waveform of an audio clip into a texture and use it in a shader.
  • ZeroBrane Studio - Editor that allows live coding using Lua language.

To Watch

Documentaries and features

Performances, talks, etc

To Read

To Dance

  • Algorave - Embrace the alien sounds of raves from the past, and introduce alien, futuristic rhythms and beats made through strange, algorithm-aided processes.
  • Eulerroom - Algorithmic music streams, mainly live coded and/or algorave but possibly also stranger things.
  • Algorave Guidelines - Guidelines to host an Algorave.


  • ICLC - International Conference on Live Coding.
  • FARM - Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling, and Design.
  • ICLI - International Conference on Live Interfaces.
  • NIME - New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference.


  • FORUM - A web-based 'discourse' forum for in-depth discussion and exchange around live coding. (formerly found at


  • CHAT - A host of many (slack-like) active chat rooms around live coding activities, topics and technologies. (formerly at


  • We.LURK - An email-based discussion system including several livecoding and algorave related forums.

    Mailing List

  • POTAC - Programing of The Art Computer. (inactive)


  • /r/livecoding - The Live Coding subreddit.

  • LiveCoders - A semi-curated, rather incomplete list of people doing live coding in the performing arts.

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