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About Augur

We welcome new developers! We are prototyping a new installation on our dev branch now, so if something breaks or seems weird, we will respond quickly if you email us here: ... Drops straight into our Slack channel for support!

Augur is focused on prototyping open source software metrics.

Functionally, Augur is a prototyped implementation of the Linux Foundation's CHAOSS Project on open source software metrics. Technically, Augur is a Flask web application, Python library and REST server that presents metrics on open source software development project health and sustainability.

Getting Started

Windows installation instructions using Vagrant can be found here.


Developer Setup

  1. Install and configure Augur.
  2. You can follow instructions for collecting data about specific repositories of interest, OR use our sample dataset to get going faster.
  3. If you are collecting data of your own, you Start up the Augur Workers
  4. If you have any issues, please feel free to request to email straight into our slack channel! for new developer support!!


To contribute to Augur, please check out our development guide and notes on making contributions. Also, please note our code of conduct. We want Augur to be a welcoming development community that is open to everyone.

Please note we require all commits to be signed off with a Developer Certificate of Origin in accordance with the CHAOSS Project Charter section 8.2.1. This can be easily done by using the -s flag when using git commit. For example: git commit -s -m "Update".

License and Copyright

Copyright © 2019 University of Nebraska at Omaha, University of Missouri and CHAOSS Project at the Linux Foundation

Augur is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT License as published by the Open Source Initiative. See the file LICENSE for more details.

(This work has been funded through the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation)

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