Share a live documents with QPyNotebook

Do you want some application which helps you create and share documents that contain live Python code, equations, visualizations and narrative text?

Now, QPyNotebook for QPython is published, which is developed based on the great opensource project jupyter notebook, it will help you do the following jobs easily like data cleaning and transformation, numerical simulation, statistical modeling, data visualization, machine learning and much more.

Before Use

1. Make sure you have installed the newest QPython (>=2.2.0)

2. Download QPyNotebook

  • Click the QPyNotebook App button to download QPyNotebook, the button will take you to the Google Play App Store.
  • If you could not connect to Google you can download directly from our Github page (please check the “Trust unknow source" in system’s setting if you install it with APK downloaded from github)
Enable QPyNotebook in QPython Setting

3. Download related libraries

Click the QPyNotebook Libraries button and there’ll be a terminal window to download those libraries. It may take a while, and after downloading finish, the terminal window will be closed automatically.

Enable QPyNotebook in QPython Setting Download libraries

Now all set!

all set

How to use

Open the Explorer from QPython dashboard, find some *.ipynb files (For example notebooks/Welcome.ipynb) and open it, then you will start the QPyNotebook.

  • You could start the QPyNotebook from QPython’s explorer*
You could start QPyNotebook from QPython's explorer
  • Or from QPyNotebook App
Start QPyNotebook

QPyNotebook’s live documentation

Start to access Welcome.ipynb


Feel free to give us any feedback please.

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