As One

A new approach to leadership


As One is a pioneering approach to leadership that can give leaders greater control over the success of rolling out business strategies and conducting large scale transformation. It comprises an analytics-based methodology, a management discipline, and a suite of business resources designed to empower leaders to more effectively galvanize their people to work together to achieve organizational goals.

Whether you are a leader deploying a new strategy, trying to get greater engagement to an existing strategy, dealing with organizational crisis or searching for ways to enhance organizational performance, As One is the answer.

The As One service offering, which is provided by Deloitte member firms, can help member firm clients unleash productivity, realize the full potential of their people, and inspire commitment to shared purpose. A collaborative journey—from goals to As One insight to As One interventions—focuses leaders on addressing that last harbor of risk: “Are my people willing and able to perform the core tasks required to achieve our organization’s goals?”

As One leverages the Deloitte member firm network’s significant investments, thought leadership, experiences and insights into collective leadership to benefit their clients.

What we offer

As One perspective
A new language for understanding how organizations achieve their goals

  • Rigorous but intuitive model of the factors that drive organizational success
  • Ability to link those factors to concrete steps organizations can take

As One diagnostic
A proprietary process that measures an organization’s potential to succeed through As One behavior.

  • Conduct a survey to assess an organization’s As One potential
  • Review and analyze assessment to identify areas for improvement

As One interventions
A customized strategic plan developed by member firms that helps organizations channel individual action into collective power.

  • Develop a tactical plan designed to achieve As One behavior
  • Implement plan by targeting key areas within the organization or deploy enterprise-wide to improve organizational performance

Featured content

Binder clips The As One methodology
The As One methodology is based on a newfound understanding of how people think about working together that evolved from two years of rigorous analysis of many cases of organizations working effectively, as one, to achieve extraordinary results.

Leaf The As One edge
The need for collective leadership has never been more pronounced. As One can provide leaders with a distinct competitive advantage in today’s complex, highly diverse, and ever-more interconnected—yet polarized—world.

Hands Contact a member firm
As One professionals at Deloitte member firms are trained in the As One methodology. Their knowledge and experience can help deliver a solution that is right for your organization. Contact a member firm near you to learn more
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