10 Hackpad Site Upgrades You Need to Know About
Winter 2013 Edition

Hi there!

Our whole team here at Hackpad Headquarters has been working hard to make your collaboration process simpler and more productive. 

We've launched spellcheck as well as a graphical representation of your collaborator's live position in the Pad, and have many more paradigm-shifting features under development. 

Here are 8 more recent site updates that will help you get the most out of Hackpad: 

  • Live Cursors
Hackpad now shows the position of your teammates' active cursors, so you can join them and easily work on the same content in real-time. 

  • Collection Pinning  
We're developing better tools to help keep your team organized. Have you ever desired a "Sticky Pad" that will remain top-of-mind? Well, today's your lucky day.

To pin, click the chevron on the right side of the desired Pad - or just drag!  You can also re-arrange the pinned pads by dragging them around.  Check out this animated gif:

  • Hashtag Support
We recently launched support for hashtags, which are a great second-tier organization tool for use in concert with Collections. 

Mark bugs with #fixme

Tag things that you should tweet with #tweetme
  • e.g. Over 40% of our self-selected Australian user group was left handed! #tweetme

You can always search for other instances of your hashtag by clicking it. 

  • New Search Updates

We've retooled our search experience to make content discovery even faster and easier.

We now support real-time search, and results appear as you type. After you press enter, you'll notice our brand-new Search Results page, complete with an FFFS (or Fiercely Functional Filtration System). Our FFFS enables you to filter results by criteria including time of last edit, name of contributor and Collections the Pad's a part of. 

  • Code Syntax Highlighting
For you code enthusiasts, we've added inline Code Syntax Highlighting. 

Sometimes you'll want to use both regular and monospace formatting in a single pad. To do this, start a new line and hit space four times to begin code formatting. Then, click to select the formatting language. 

If you want an entire pad formatted in your language, end the title with a common code file extension. Some examples include Hello.js , Hello.c , Hello.sql

  • Graphical Gist Support
In our quest to support an infinite array of media, we've now transformed your Tweet and Github Gist URLs into graphical embeds. (Just make sure they're on a line of their own.) 

Now you can Follow, Reply to, reTweet and designate a Tweet as a Favorite, all from inside Hackpad. 

  • Keyboard shortcuts
Are you lazy? So are we! So we've launched a cheat sheet to help you learn our time-saving keyboard shortcuts. To launch it, just click the “Keyboard Shortcuts” link in the right rail. 

  • Pad Export
Here at Hackpad, it is our deeply held belief that users should be able to fully control their data, which is why we’re determined to ensure the easy export and portability of everything you write. We support two ways to export your work

The first is through Dropbox. From your profile page, connect to Dropbox and enable syncing. This will store HTML copies of all the Hackpads you follow into a 'hackpad' folder in your Dropbox.

The second is from the Hackpad website. To download the Hackpads you’ve created, select your desired file type (plaintext, HTML, or full markup format) from the dropdown menu on your profile page. 
To download all the Hackpads in a Site, make sure you're logged in as the Site Admin. On the Site's homepage, select "Manage this Site", "Import and Export", and then the desired file type from the Export dropdown menu. In just a few magic moments, you'll receive an email that contains your download link. 

  • Upcoming Feature Survey
We're hard at work scoping, developing, testing and launching features to make your experience on Hackpad even more productive, and want to know which features you desire most. 

  • We'd love to hear from you
If you'd like to chat about your use case, ask questions, give feedback, make feature suggestions, or just shoot the breeze, don't hesitate to email us at support@hackpad.com.
We're always here to help! 

Your friends at Hackpad
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