Public school teachers, introduce your students to coding and earn $1000 or more for your classroom!

Google wants public high school students, especially girls, to discover the magic of coding. Each eligible female student who completes our computer programming lesson will earn credits for your classroom.

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Steps for teachers

Step 1

Sign up or log in to Khan Academy.

Register your classroom for the rewards program.

Add your students to your Khan Academy class.

Step 2

Get your students to complete the programming course. Gift codes are only distributed for this computer programming course, not any other course on Khan Academy.

Step 3 will email you a $100 gift code for each female student who completed the course. They’ll also email you a $500 gift code when four girls are done!

What is is a website through which public school teachers like you can request materials they need for their classrooms.
Why is Google offering these rewards?
Currently, only 18% of computer science college graduates are women, and there's a projection for a huge number of CS jobs in the future. Google is funding this program to ensure we introduce CS to as many students as possible while not leaving female students behind.
Do I need to be a STEM teacher to participate?
All high school teachers regardless of subject can do it. Whether you’re teaching English, math or art history - if your students can type, they can get started with this tutorial.
Can my students participate if they are not in grades 9-12?
This incentives program is only for high school students in grades 9-12. They are welcome to go through the curriculum, but the class is not eligible for the Google-funded rewards.
Can our school participate if it is not public?
At this time, rewards can only be applied to public school classrooms in the U.S. You can read more details in this FAQ and contact them if you're still not sure if you're eligible. Even if your school doesn't qualify, all students are welcome to go through the curriculum!
Where is the course that my students must complete?
Your students should go through our JS 101: Drawing & Animation course. They do not need to go through the Games course or Python programming, only the Drawing & Animation course.
What will my students learn?
They'll learn how to write programs that draw a crazy face, design custom clothing, and make a digital bookshelf, all while learning the basic parts of JavaScript and discovering their potential to create something cool with code. Learn more about the curriculum here.
How long will the course take?
The course takes about 10-15 hours, depending on how much time is spent on the creative projects. You can assign students to work on it during classtime or as homework, as well as offer extra credit, start an after-school coding club, or spend a week on JavaScript programming in your classroom. How your students do it is up to you!
What Khan Academy coaching tools can I use with the course?
If you are familiar with Khan Academy, you may be aware of various coaching tools that we provide for teachers and parents. For the programming curriculum, we give coaches tools to track challenge completions and programs created. However, we do not yet have a way for coaches to assign programming as a mission. See this guide for more info on our coach tools.
What is the deadline for completing the curriculum?
Rewards are first-come, first-served, so the sooner your students complete the curriculum, the better your chances of receiving gift codes. will notify participating teachers if funds are running low.
Is there a limit to how much money one person or school can obtain?
One teacher cannot have more than 20 of the $100 gift codes activated on their projects. If the teacher has more than 20 female students complete the curriculum, s/he will still be sent gift codes, and the teacher can use the additional gift codes on another teacher’s project. Each teacher can also only earn one $500 kicker for getting 4+ girls through the curriculum. Teachers must redeem the gift codes in full (i.e. spend the full $100 at once) and they cannot deposit any portion of the code as account credits on -– they must all be redeemed on live classroom projects requesting materials.
How do the gift codes work?
You’ll receive a $100 gift code for every female student who completes the course. When 4 or more female students complete it, we’ll email you an additional $500 gift code as a thank-you for helping your students learn to code. Check out some of the great things you can get for your classroom.
Where can my students set their gender?
Some of your students may have already set their gender when they signed up for a Khan Academy account. If they haven't yet, or you want to make sure it's set, ask them to visit their settings page by clicking their name in the top right corner and clicking "Settings" in that menu. There, they can set their gender. If we find that you have students that have completed the course but have not specified their gender yet, we will notify you.

For additional questions about the curriculum, please email

For additional questions about the incentives program, please use this contact form.

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