g0v 宣言 (English version)


g0v.tw 是一個致力於打造資訊透明化的社群。g0v.tw 的參與者來自四方,有程式開發者、設計師、社會運動工作者、教育工作者、文字工作者、公民與鄉民等來自各領域的人士。這些人聚在一起,希望資訊透明化可以更進一步的改善台灣的公民環境。只要有心想用自己的專業及能力來參與,就可以加入 g0v.tw。


g0v.tw 以開放原始碼的精神為基底,關心言論自由、資訊開放,希望可以最新的科技,提供讓公民更容易使用的資訊服務。資訊的透明化可以幫助公民更確實了解政府運作,更快速了解議題,更有效監督政府,確保政府不脫離民有、民治、民享的本質。


我們平時透過 g0v.tw 各網路平台(IRC, hackpad, github)溝通協作,或參與不定期舉辦的黑客松活動。我們的成果(包括文件、程式碼、運算資料、數據分析結果及過程執行方式)需遵循開放原始碼授權,讓更多人能使用、改善、回饋,發揮最大效用。各專案成果不屬於 g0v.tw,但也歡迎在此平台共享。




g0v.tw 沒有負責人、代言人,由參與者自主決定想要參與的專案,同時加深 g0v.tw 的社群文化。各專案各自運作討論決策,g0v.tw 社群平台相關重要議題則使用流動式網路民主系統討論與決策。


g0v.tw 無黨無派、無錢通買菜,是草根集結的公民運動,你可以參與專案贊助腦力、勞力,也可以捐款贊助舉辦黑客松、或直接支持特定專案。


如果你認同以上,歡迎加入 g0v.tw,來聊聊你想作些什麼、想協助什麼專案、想看到我們身處的世界有什麼改變。歡迎你成為科技改變社會的力量。

From across Taiwan

g0v.tw is a community that advocates transparency of information, also known as open data. We are passionate coders, designers, activists, educators, writers and citizens from across Taiwan. Through working together to bring data into the open, we hope to build a better Taiwan for its citizens. To join g0v, all you need is to be ready and willing to use your expertise or energy for our cause.

Freedom of Speech and Information Transparency

Built on the spirit of the open-source community, g0v stands for freedom of speech and information transparency. We aim to use technology in the interest of the public good, allowing citizens easy access to vital information. Opening up and making data public allows the people of Taiwan to take a closer look at politics and important issues. This gives them the tools needed to evaluate their government and exert their democratic right to decide how politicians act.

Independent and Transparent

We cooperate through our website, g0v.tw, and through open platforms, such as IRC, hackpad and github, among others. Our work is also done through open events, such as our “hackathons”. Everything we produce — source code, documents, formulas, analyses and processes — is made available for anyone to view, react to, use and improve.

Sanguine on Fostering Change

At g0v, we love to seek out problems and explore solutions. Further, we are willing to take action to implement these solutions. Through various types of cooperation, we multiply the impact and creativity of our ideas. We aim to bring about change and are not willing to resort to cynicism or apathy.

Liquid Democracy

g0v doesn’t have a leader or spokesperson. We are a liquid democracy. Participants decide what to work on and are at the heart of our communal culture. Using Liquid Democracy techniques, our community makes decisions on important issues and strategic direction.

If you’re interested, Join us

Our community is grassroots: we are non-partisan, unbiased and not for sale. You can contribute to our hackathons with your skills, ideas, time or donations, or provide support for specific projects.

You’re Next

If you like what you’ve read, head to g0v.tw to share your project ideas, offer help or let us know how you want society to change. We welcome you to join us in using technology to change society for the better.

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