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“Why code in a writing class? To understand the tools we use and make them work for us”
— a 6th grade teacher in Southampton, MA.

The Hour of Code cost 6c per student impacted

The all-in cost of the Hour of Code totaled $1.2m, which means $0.06 per student impacted!

Two-thirds of that cost was spent on creating tutorials and awarding hardware prizes to schools — expenses which will have impact for years to come.


We pride ourselves in maximizing the impact of our money with a lean team. We couldn’t have done this without the generosity of the companies, foundations and individuals who support us financially, and the 100+ partner organizations who support our work. Thank you!

Every dollar counts. We thank you for any amount you could donate to Code.org.

Code.org’s Incredible Year One!

Here’s a brief but action-packed summary of Code.org’s first year, starting in earnest in June:

The amazing impact of the Hour of Code
The Hour of Code participants is larger in population than Syria, Belgium, the Netherlands, or 75% of all the world’s nations.

35,000 participating teachers LOVED the Hour of Code. 97% said it was “good” or great,” and asked us to do it again next year. 


Check out more unprecedented stats on what we achieved.

Where did we channel this momentum?
One month after launch, already 10,000 teachers have begun teaching our 20-hour intro course for grades K-8, with 500,000 students enrolled. (To compare: I estimate 13,000 US teachers were previously teaching CS to fewer than 250,000 students)

Looking to 2014: can we grow 5 - 10 times?
In 2013, with a full-time staff of 14, we got 20mm students to try one Hour of Code, put online courses into 10,000 classrooms, and partnered with 100+ high schools to support full computer science curriculum.

In 2014, I’ve challenged us to reach 100 million students for an Hour of Code, 100,000 teachers to host an online course, and 100 districts to bring permanent computer science courses to 1,000 high schools.

To operate at the scale of our ambition, we want your help.

How you can keep supporting Code.org:

Thank you all for your support, and Happy New Year!

- Hadi Partovi, Code.org

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The most amazing thing I have ever seen!  I stumbled across code.org Thursday evening and played around for about an hour.  Friday afternoon I introduced it to my class of 1st graders and within half of an hour I had everyone of my kids creating their own code!  The most amazing part is that many of the students made it past the level I reached the night before.

The site is fantastic!  The videos are very engaging and make it real.  The kids are excited to work with Angry Birds and Zombies.  For the teacher, everything is laid out for you.  They even made the process of signing your kids up simple enough a first grader (without an e-mail account) can do it.  Not only is it FREE, they will also reward you for teaching your kids to code.  Once I introduced it to the kids in class, many continued at home.

My personal children (4th and 7th grade) are hooked too!  I was excited to share this fabulous resource with teachers at my school and district.  


“The thing that struck me was how into it he was and his interest is still there, even several weeks later. He wanted to learn more and continue beyond the hour.”
— a parent writes about his 8-year-old trying an Hour of Code.

We just found this guy Heisenberg to do some graphic design work. He said his work is of the highest “purity.” #BreakingBad

Our founder reporting to Congress to boost computer science in schools #CODE

From @codeorg’s founder, Hadi Partovi: “I’m prepping for a congressional testimony. Hat or no hat?” Oh, and help support us by writing your congressman at http://www.congressweb.com/code/2

Please make 2 clicks and vote for us (the only nominee that launched in 2013)!

“I’ve seen fireworks go off over students’ heads, not lightbulbs.”
a teacher in Long Island, NY. 


Anonymous asked:

Why does the NCAA not accept Computer Science courses for a student's eligibility for student athlete scholarships?


Many colleges and universities don’t even count computer science as a core credit for college admission, just as an elective. In addition to advocating for computer science to count toward high school graduation, we’re urging colleges to recognize it, too. That’s the next step. 


Anonymous asked:

what is the ask a question code org?


Ask a Question is where you can ask us questions here on Tumblr. Ask away!


Anonymous asked:

Who was the winner from Montana? Where is the list of state winners?


Here's all 50 winners nationwide. 

WOW! “Awesome” Year one have become very enthusiastic coders in class and at home : )


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I am a 16 year old girl in high school and before our school did the hour of code, I had no idea what I wanted to study in college. Now thanks to the hour of code, I am really interested in computer science and in becoming a coder when I grow up. Do you have any advice which college would be best and what I have to do in order to become a coder? Thank you!


That is awesome! It might help to narrow your search down by the type of college you’re looking for, and which ones offer Computer Science. Also, check out FabFems, where you can connect with mentors who women in technology for more ideas. And, here’s a great video about how Harvey Mudd College has nearly closed the gender gap within CS majors. 

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