We publish e-mail newsletters to over 160,000 software developers.

A weekly e-mail newsletter for JavaScript developers and those using related technologies or languages (including CoffeeScript). Launched in November 2010 and now has over 61,000 subscribers.
A weekly e-mail newsletter focusing on browser technologies and releases, including HTML5, CSS3, WebSockets, and WebGL. Launched in August 2011 and now has over 43,000 subscribers.
A weekly e-mail newsletter for Ruby and Rails developers. Launched in August 2010 and now has over 25,000 subscribers.
A weekly e-mail newsletter aimed at people interested in Google's new 'Dart' programming language. It launched in October 2011.
A weekly e-mail newsletter for PostgreSQL users and developers.
A weekly e-mail newsletter for software developers and programmers interested in the craft and science of programming. Covers algorithms, computer science, C, major releases, etc. Goes out to 14,000 programmers each week.
We have weekly newsletters going to over 75,000 developers each week in different topic areas (JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5, etc.) It's a great way to promote your job and you can do so here.

And run Web sites for software developers.

The most popular Ruby blog with 26,000 feed subscribers. Launched in May 2006.
A Ruby community news site where all postings are made by members of the community.

We also publish screencasts!

The Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough is a thorough, up-to-date video-based walkthrough of Ruby 2.0.0. What's new? What's gone? What's different? Only $29.00. It also includes the Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough for free which we used to sell on its own for $39! :-)
Our YouTube channel has a collection of videos available to watch for free.

And do online training.

Did you learn Ruby 'on the job' and miss out on the essentials? Or do you just want to boost your confidence and skill set? If you have a little Ruby experience and want to become a more confident Rubyist, this class is for you. Tickets start from $259.

We even help software companies with their own newsletters.

Sharing experience in content creation and curation
Does your company lack a content strategy? Need a strong Twitter presence or a well crafted e-mail newsletter? Webcasts, newsletters, conference programming, and more. We consult with companies on a myriad of content and curation related issues.
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