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Welcome to the main page for the Bluetooth SensorTag

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Bluetooth Smart is a new standard that allows Bluetooth equipment to run for years on a single coin cell battery. According to IMS Research the market for Bluetooth Smart accessories is expected to be the fastest growing mobile phone accessory market in the coming years. This new technology combined with new low power sensors and countless mobile phone app developers opens up limitless opportunities for mobile phone apps

The SensorTag is designed to shorten the design time for Bluetooth app development from months to hours, the kit removes the barriers to entry for smartphone app developers who want to take advantage of the growing number of Bluetooth low energy-enabled smartphones and tablets. This is the first Bluetooth low energy development kit focusing on wireless sensor applications and it is the only development kit targeting smartphone app developers.

The Bluetooth SensorTag demonstrates the low power capabilities of Bluetooth low energy(aka Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth smart)

SensorTag Block Diagram

The SensorTag can be used as a reference design and development platform for a variety of smartphone accessories.

The block diagram shows the sensors on the SensorTag and lists some potential applications, most engineers that start working on the SensorTag comes up with their own app ideas!

Buy the SensorTag on TI eStore




With the SensorTag App you can build your own SensorTag app in minutes by enabling the SensorTag sensors. It allows quick and easy prototyping and generates sample code for use in your own apps. The iOS SensorTag app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store

App store logo.png

Supported iOS devices

To use the SensorTag a Bluetooth Smart (4.0 or newer) device is required and the API of the device must support the Bluetooth low energy API. Currently the following iOS devices are supported:

SensorTag Assembly Instructions
SensorTag IR temp sensor used for measuring cooking temperature
SensorTag IR temp sensor used for measuring coffee temperature
SensorTag used as keyfob for tracking keys
SensorTag accelerometer used as level construction tool


NEW! The Android SensorTag app is distributed as an Application Package(.apk) Download the SensorTag Android App here: SensorTag Android App (Rev. 1.10)
The source code is included in the installer. For further enquiries please contact j.boe(at)

Supported Android devices

To use the SensorTag a Bluetooth Smart (4.0 or newer) device is required and the Android API 18 (Android 4.3) must be supported. The SensorTag app has been tested on the following Android devices:

Support for more devices will be announced. If you have tested other Android devices, please join the discussion on the Bluetooth low energy forum

NB! Nexus 7 (2012) with Android 4.3 is not delivered with BLE enabled. To work with BLE on this device you will need the Bluetooth Low Energy Enabler tool. Prerequisites for this to work is that the device is rooted and that the BusyBox app is installed.

For Android the connection interval is currently fixed to 7.5ms. With early versions of the SensorTag firmware this is causing a timeout when using the humidity sensor. This problem is fixed with the latest version of the SensorTag firmware(1.4). To use the SensorTag with the Android apps, download the latest firmware here: SensorTag firmware
New firmware can be programmed with binary files over-the-air using the Windows BLE Device Monitor, the latest version of the SensorTag Android app, or with hex files using CC-Debugger.


Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide shows the first steps for assembling the SensorTag, downloading the SensorTag App and get the sensor reading on the phone in minutes- Follow this link to download the Quick Start Guide

Download summary

This section contains download links to all SW and HW resources for the SensorTag

Description Download link
SensorTag app on App Store
SensorTag Android app code example
SensorTag iOS app source code example
BLE Device Monitor for Windows PC
TI Bluetooth low energy software stack
SensorTag HW reference design
SensorTag Firmware

SensorTag User Guide

The User Guide provides all details of the SensorTag hardware and firmware including conversion algorithms and overview of Bluetooth low energy commands used to communicate with the phone
SensorTag User Guide

How to Certify your Bluetooth Product

The SensorTag reference design has passed FCC(US)/ETSI(Europe)/IC(Canada) RF certification. It is also received Bluetooth End Product certification. This section explains what certifications the SensorTag has completed and the steps required to certify your own product: How to Certify your Bluetooth product

Not ready to go through full FCC/ETSI certification? Use certified modules from our 3rd party partners: [Bluetooth low energy modules]

BLE Device Monitor User Guide

The BLE Device Monitor is a PC tool that allows you to read and write the characteristics of Bluetooth low energy devices. For the SensorTag the BLE device monitor includes a production test panel that for testing the individual sensors. It can also be used to display sensor readout continuously. The BLE device monitor requires a CC2540 USB dongle
BLE Device Monitor User Guide

The BLE Device Monitor runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

SensorTag enabled iOS apps

The official TI SensorTag app Download app

Sensirion Confort Guide Download app

Byteworks SensorTag app built using techBASIC Download app

Weight Training-Genie Download app

Gammapoint Weather Run - Bike, Walk, Hike Tracker Download app

Bluetooth low energy blogs

MAKE | Teardown of the TI SensorTag

“…try this, you’ll love it.” Teardown of the TI SensorTag

Write your own Bluetooth Smart Sensor App in an Hour

Bluetooth SIG webinar on how to write apps for the SensorTag View Webinar recording

Rasberry Pi and TI CC2541 SensorTag

Thanks to Michael Saunby, the SensorTag is now supported on Rasberry Pi
Michael Saunby Blog

SensorTag Android app on HTC One

Lance Nanek has posted a cool example of SensorTag interface for Android on an HTC One NeatoCode Blog
See Lance's presentation here

Because Bluetooth Smart is happening !

Bluetooth Smart Log

Byteworks Bluetooth low energy blog

Controlling the SensorTag with techBASIC blog

Building iPhone and iPad Electronic Projects

Real-World Arduino, Sensor, and Bluetooth Low Energy Apps in techBASIC, By Mike Westerfield. This book includes a lot of details about programming BASIC for Bluetooth low energy apps Order the book from O'Reilly

iOS Apps Development

Start Developing iOS Apps Today

Bluetooth low energy wiki

When you are ready to develop your own firmware for the SensorTag, check out the: Bluetooth low energy wiki


NEW! TI SensorTag introduction video
TI promotion video
Byte Works rocket flight video
SensorTag training at Embedded World 2013

Post your own projects


A framework for building Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (aka Smart or LE) iOS and OS X applications using the CoreBluetooth API. Includes Deanna and DeannaMac, applications to communicate with a TI SensorTag for iOS and OS X respectively.

Intended for iOS and OS X developers intent on shipping production-level code to communicate with BLE devices. Think of it as AFNetworking for BLE.


Where to get it

YmsCoreBluetooth in Action

SensorTag as iTunes Remote

Here is a video of an iOS app running in the background using YmsCoreBluetooth to characterize the SensorTag to control the Music app on an iPhone. Using YmsCoreBluetooth, time spent making this demo from concept to execution (including shooting the video) took a half-day, just in time to head for lunch.

Bluetooth Dump

A simple xCode example of enumerating visible Bluetooth LE devices via Core Bluetooth and locating a TI SensorTag and connecting to it

Sensor Tag C# application (BLEHealthDemo modification)

There is modification of BLEHealth Demo C# application to run with Keyfob and Sensor Tag without cleanup code. Sensor Tag Firmware modded to change period in Gyroscope (A and B img for download).

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