The application that turns your iPhone into a real webcam! No further software or hardware required.

Just push the 'Start’ button and the transmission of your live video stream is being sent.

Use your iPhone as a camera based baby monitor or transform your iPhone quickly into a video camera to monitor your Sunday roast. 

To view your live video you simply need a browser or another 'Mini WebCam'.

Access via browser:

Just enter the displayed URL in the address line of your web browser (for example No need for any further plug-ins or other requirements.

Access via iPhone:

Simply choose your webcam through the list of ‘Available Cams’ by click!


- Streaming of videos to the WLAN

- Integrated WebServer

- Supported browsers: Safari (< 6.0), Firefox

- Free choice of name for webcam

- Supports as many 'Mini WebCams‘ as you choose and these will be diplayed clearly in form of a list.

- Access for several clients to one 'Mini WebCam' is possible

- Choice of three quality levels (low, normal, high)

- Choice of three different speed levels, from real time to single frames

- Status of charging display

- Bonjour

More features coming soon!

In the next version:

- Picture rotation in the browser selectable

- Support for IE

- Port selectable

- General bugfixing

We thank all users for their numerous feedback!

Mini WebCam

© 2010 pripares GmbH

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