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Druplicon history is here

If you wish to use or edit the Druplicon, you can use following logos (all logos use RGB color):

Bitmap versions

PNG version
PNG version

Vector formats

PNG version
SVG version

EPS version

If you can provide other useful formats, please add an issue.

Logo colors

Web color
Main drop color: #0077C0
Light-shade color: #81CEFF
Dark-shade color: #00598E

RGB color
Main drop color: 00, 119, 192
Light-shade color: 129, 206, 255
Dark-shade color: 00 , 89, 142

Pantone Colors - Coated Stock
Main drop color: 2935 C
Light-shade color: 2905 C
Dark-shade color: 3025 C

Pantone Colors - UnCoated Stock*
Main drop color: 2935 U
Light-shade color: 2905 U
Dark-shade color: 3025 U

* Please note that uncoated stocks vary greatly in their ability to accurately reflect PMS colors. Typically colors tend to lighten and dull down on uncoated stocks.

Pantone to CMYK Equiv.
Main drop color: 100/46/0/0
Light-shade color: 41/2/0/0
Dark-shade color: 100/17/0/51

(As noted by a previous entry, the following CMYK combinations can be tried as well:
Main drop color: 91/27/2/0
Light-shade color: 47/3/3/0

Please note that all commercial printing color conversions were based on the RGB colors outlined above. While these colors have been checked against a PMS book (coated, uncoated, and PMS->process) there has not been an official effort to standardize these colors through a traditional brand assessment. Reporting back print results, both good and bad are appreciated and will help us to further improve on the Drupal brand.

The Druplicon image is licensed under the GPL License which covers all items on cvs.drupal.org.

Color swatches

If you use an Adobe design software product, like Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, even Dreamweaver or InDesign, and would like to have the drupalicon colors, then download the free set of color swatches.

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These are currently due to probably http://drupal.org/node/618720

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