Projects and companies that use Python are encouraged to incorporate the Python logo on their websites, brochures, packaging, and elsewhere to indicate suitability for use with Python or implementation in Python.


Currently, the following larger sized and vector variants of the logo are available:

The font used in the logo is called "Flux Regular". The PSF owns a copy but we cannot distribute it, except for work on the PSF's behalf.

The official Python Powered logo is available in two forms, wide and tall:


This logo available in sizes 200x80, 140x56, 100x40, and 70x28. Also as SVG format source file.


This logo available in sizes 140x182, 100x130, 70x91, and 50x65. Also as SVG format source file.

Guidelines for Use

The Python logo is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation, which is responsible for defending against any damaging or confusing uses of the trademark.

See the PSF Trademark Usage Policy.

In general, we want the logo to be used as widely as possible to indicate use of Python or suitability for Python. However, please ask first when using a derived version of the logo or when in doubt.